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June 12 2017

June 11 2017

June 10 2017

June 07 2017

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Just released a new video of me getting fucked nice and deep! Check out my xtube page for it!!

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Set 47 - A new outfit! It’s probably a bit small for me but it’s a lot of fun to wear that’s for sure. It doesn’t quite cover my ass unless i stretch it…but that’s probably for the best anyway - means my ass is nice and “available” ;)

Kindly bought for me by an anonymous benefactor! Thankyou!!

Link to my wishlist:

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Set 49 - Somebody bought me a slutty little pinky/purply tube dress … and i felt a need to try it on tonight. These pics were taken a bit late in the day so the lighting wasn’t the best. Nevermind, they came out OK… /pats little phonecam

Thank you to the person that bought me this dress!! A link to my WishList:

Just to remind people, my video’s are available on Xtube:
(tumblr threw a wobbler when i uploaded just a clip of one of em so i wont post them here).

Reblog away!

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Beautiful sissy… nothing but heels oil chastity and plug waiting for daddy

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